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Benefits of Haan Crafts Kits

Why do so many people use Haan Crafts sewing kits?


Highest Teaching Value:

All Haan Crafts sewing projects are designed specifically for classroom use, but can also be used outside of the classroom, by anyone interested in sewing.  Standard pattern symbols and techniques are used on all paper pattern kits.  Great care is taken to make sure that conventions used in sewing books are followed in our instructions.

Thorough, well-illustrated instructions give customers confidence as they succesfully work through each step.  Consistent, generously-sized patterns and complete measuring instructions assure that clothes will fit properly when completed.

Our kits are designed for different skill levels so customers can work at their own level to maximize their learning.

Highest Kit Quality:

There are many elements to making a quality kit.  A major factor when teaching others to sew is the quality of instructions.  Through constant development over more than 35 years (since 1977), teachers consider our instructions the best available.

Also important is the quality of materials.  Our size allows us to deal directly with manufacturers.  Since we control the source of our fabrics, all of our kits have materials of consistent quality, weight and color.

Quality of design is also important.  At Haan Crafts, we make sure every project looks great and that the pattern pieces fit together as they should.  In addition, all of our garment kits are sized generously and consistently so that customers know what to expect and are proud to show off their accomplishments when they're done.

Largest Variety of Kits:

There are several reasons why a broad selection of kits is important.  It allows customers to choose projects that match the skills they want to teach or that they know themselves.  Our simple pre-cut kits are ideal for young customers or for quick construction.  Sports balls, animals and gym bags have the patterns printed on the fabric to eliminate time normally required for pattern layout and marking.  Our garment kits include paper patterns and come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles.

By offering enough choices so that each customer can make something they really want, customers are more enthused about sewing.  They learn more, feel proud of their accomplishments, and are anxious to sew again.

Best Customer Service:

We ship our kits the same day or the next business day after the receipt of your order.  But customer service is more than prompt shipping.  Our well-trained employees and toll-free number assure that any problem you have can be solved immediately.