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Customer Testimonials

"The price of each project is very reasonable. It really is worth it…the students love their projects! They are all so cute! I love the kits with everything included, even the evaluation sheets. The instructions are easy to follow. I was dreading doing hand sewing with a class of 27 difficult grade 7 students. However, they are having so much fun sewing their cartoon pillows! I have never had this much success in my sewing classes (not in 35 years!). I wish I had known about your company years ago. Thanks for helping make my job easier (and fun!)."

Claire N.


"I want to thank you for my first time ordering experience with your company. I found it to be exceptional and look forward to ordering again. My students were very happy to receive their packets and found your instructions easy to follow. I personally loved placing my order by phone. It was so easy and the operators were so helpful. Thank you for being a company that is easy to work with and have fabrics that are such good quality."

Pam D.


"I am so impressed with Haan Crafts as a company and the level of service you provide. It is a rarity in this day and age to get GREAT customer service, but Haan Crafts has consistently done just that each time I order. Thank you for making this such an easy process. I am a life-long customer!"

Megan B.


"I buy from Haan Crafts because of the excellent service and the quality of an American made product. I also love the quality of the written directions because it affords my best students the opportunity to work independently on more complicated projects.

I have been a loyal customer for the last 14 years. I LOVE your customer service department. Having spent an earlier career in sales and marketing I fully appreciate the care and attention to detail your representatives provide. They are patient, professional and always cheerful and helpful on the phone. They have faxed lost directions, answered crazy questions about "correcting" kid’s mistakes and provided previews of new products. I personally respect any company that takes pride in and uses the family name. I look forward to a long, happy and profitable relationship with Haan Crafts.

Thanks again for a great product and excellent service."

Barbara M.


"I have always had excellent service from your company. Your customer service people have always been more than helpful, courteous and professional in all of my dealings with them. My middle schoolers have often lost guidesheets, pieces and parts of their kits, etc. and your people have always accommodated our needs. Thanks so much."

Lynn M.


"I love Haan Crafts. What I like most about the products offered by Haan Crafts is the fact that they are affordable, complete and look good when even a novice does the stitching!! I will continue to be a loyal, satisfied customer!!"

Barbara L.


"As a very regular customer that spends a lot of money through Haan Crafts, I have to say you have the BEST customer service people. They are so wonderful. I love when I call because they are always fast, courteous, and they are almost like friends when I call! I am happy to help out businesses that continually supply quality products and outstanding customer service! Thank you Haan Crafts for making my job as a teacher easier!"

Monica M.


"My students love how you write directions. They say they are so much easier to follow than the commercial patterns. Parents like that everything is included in the kit with one payment. The students have been using our embroidery machine to personalize their bags – they look great. I had a few kids making sweatshirts too and they are proud of their finished projects.

Thanks for helping me get the kids excited about sewing by helping them be successful. I am finally getting more boys to take clothing and I really think your kits are very instrumental in that change. There are not a lot of choices out there for boys at the fabric store; your selection is great for guys!"

Jean K.


"We love your products! You have been so fabulous to work with over the years. I have been teaching for 30 years and your company keeps our sewing programs going. Students love the hooded sweatshirts, the stuffed animals and anything else we get from you. You are fast, efficient and affordable!"

Linda S.


"Thanks for being such a great company to order from! You make my teaching life SO much easier in the Fashion room! We absolutely love your products and the quality is simply excellent! Thanks for taking the time to get input from teachers. It’s nice to know we have a say."

Jackie B.


"Haan Crafts has been very good to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the company for about 20 years!! The students love the projects and talk about them for years. The company is very friendly and efficient. In all those years, there has only been one mistake in an order and it was fixed immediately. Thanks for all those great years!!"

Debby C.


"Your service is fast, efficient and friendly. When I have messed up an order, you fix it quickly so that my students can get to sewing. Thank you!"

Penny C.


"I have been VERY pleased with your products and services over the years. Many students enjoy the accomplishment of making a project, and they use reading and math skills in the process.

In my opinion you produce neat projects at an affordable cost, with great service! Keep up the good work!"

Jocelyn G.


"I love working with Haan Crafts. Every order I place is always correct and the ladies I talk to when placing the order are just great. My students love the Boxer Shorts kit and they wear them until they wear out. The quality is great!"

Joanie P.


"I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the years of fantastic service and wonderful products you have provided. I couldn’t run my Home Economics program without you."

Elizabeth E.


"I have always been pleased with the quality projects that you offer. Your employees are very knowledgeable about your products and have given me great service over the years. I have recommended your company to other Family & Consumer Science teachers in my region. Thank you for everything!"

Sheila L.


"What terrific customer service! I shouldn’t be surprised because that is why I continue to do business with Haan Crafts. Thanks so much for all your help and hard work."

Tracy S.


"Why is it that I place a simple order at [a fast food place] and they can mess the entire thing up, but I can order over a hundred items from Haan Crafts and the order comes quickly and perfectly? Thank you so much! My class and I really appreciate everything!"

Kristi H.


"Thank you so much for all the assistance you have given me over the past 15 years. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to know that the orders will be sent quickly and accurately. Thank you for maintaining quality kits. Our students enjoy all the choices that are available to them."

Pat B.


"This will be my 16th year using your WONDERFUL products! You have been such a dependable resource for my sewing classes. My students have enjoyed sewing Haan Crafts items. Thanks again for being such a wonderful company to work with!"

Debby L.


"Thanks for the quality products and great service. Your company makes my job so much easier. In a small rural school, your company is a life-saver."

Christine W.


"Love everything about your company, from the excellent customer service to the easy-to-use, well written directions and very fair pricing. I appreciate your great products; they are practically kid-proof. The simple designs and napped fabrics enable our beginners to achieve near-professional looking results that boost their confidence and encourage them to take on greater challenges. Keep up the terrific work!"

Muriel S.


"The kits that I order from you are EXCELLENT!!! The projects from the Haan Crafts company are one of the highlights of the school year. I have seniors come back and tell me that they still have their project sitting out in their room.

Advantages of your company include an excellent product, the orders are shipped promptly, and the large order discounts allow me to purchase projects for students who can not afford the costs.

We are constantly told to help students with reading instructions. The Haan Crafts instructions for the projects are set up exactly to assist teachers and students in learning the importance of following instructions exactly.

The fur kits allow all students to accomplish a project that looks nice. The teacher can actually grade the student’s techniques on the inside. The fur projects allow all students to have a fantastic looking project because the fur hides some of their mistakes. ALL my students feel success.

As you can see, I am a huge fan of your company. Haan Crafts has helped me for many years!!!"

Cheryl H.


"Thank you for such friendly and speedy service. Your products are great. My students love the great selection. I love that the kits are always complete and the directions are clear. Thanks again!"

Carol M.


"I have always been pleased with the kits. Everything the student needs is included. The orders are shipped in a very timely manner and the customer service has been excellent! Keep up the good work!"

Norma V.